1 in 5 of us in Gallatin County smoke, and it is truly killing our community.

In fact, lung cancer is the leading cause of premature death in Gallatin County. What’s more is that with that high rate of smoking, adults and children are exposed to more toxic secondhand smoke every day.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The time has come to clear the air and work towards a healthier Gallatin County and it needs to start now. Help us as we strive to effect change to create a smoke-free community where:

  • smokers who want to quit have access to resources,
  • the current smoke-free law is strengthened so no-one has to be exposed to smoke while earning a living, and
  • youth never begin using tobacco products – including electronic cigarettes like “JUUL”

Many of our local residents have already stepped up to Become a Breathe Easy Believer and you can too. The stories here from local residents show why it’s so important.