Take the Pledge

Becoming a smoke-free community starts with each one of us. By standing up and supporting each other with a commitment to clean air we can make change in our community. It’s a grass roots effort to raise awareness about smoking and the negative effects it has on all of us and to get local businesses, community leaders,
and residents to help make Gallatin County smoke-free.

As a Breathe Easy Believer you can help make Gallatin County a healthier community by:

  • Reduce secondhand smoke exposure by not smoking or smoking outside.
  • Being a supportive role model to those who are looking for help in their efforts to quit smoking.
  • Taking an active role in the pursuit of smoke-free policies in the community.
  • Sharing information about the Breathe Easy efforts with your network of friends, neighbors, and relatives.
  • Participating in events that are designed to reduce secondhand smoke and encourage a smoke-free Gallatin County.
  • Receiving news and updates about efforts and sharing them with others.

Add your name to the list of Breathe Easy Believers!

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